March and April lolita overview

Okay, time for a little catch-up post! I already shared all my quarantine coords (which is basically the full month of April) in my previous post, but there’s still plenty to share. For one, I made a foray into sweet lolita for the first time by purchasing a Sugary Carnival set and I plan to talk a bit about the deliberations that went into deciding to add another substyle to my wardrobe in a future post, especially for someone like me who cares a lot about keeping my wardrobe cohesive.

Coords of the month

While I will only show my March coords here, I will also analyze my wearing habits for the April coords shared previously. In March I wore lolita a total of 10 times, with 3 of those coords not pictured here; this is in line with the previous months of the year. April saw a steep decline with only 5 proper coords worn, which it makes sense in light of the circumstances. Style-wise, we see sweet pop up for the first time, with 3 sweet coords, 8 old school coords and 4 gothic coords over both months.

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Lolita fashion in times of quarantine

As you may have noticed, it’s been a bit quiet on this blog the past few months. I started the year with a list of goals, one of them being to update this blog at least once a month and while I can’t deny at least some blame in my defaulting on the goal so early in the year, our current global pandemic has certainly not helped me along.

It’s become difficult to stay an active participant in the lolita community now that gatherings and events have been outlawed and we are instructed to leave the house only as much as absolutely necessary. I’m the first to admit that when I stay home all day, the furthest extent of my dressing up is usually brushing my hair. I throw on what’s comfortable and call it a day and I imagine many of us are the same. Most of us need some occasion to wear lolita, and the best we are getting right now is a trip to the grocery store.

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Otome game review: 7’scarlet

I bought a bunch of otome games in the recent Steam sale, so prepare for more reviews!


Plot summary and general comments

Ichiko’s brother mysteriously went missing in the town of Okunezato one year ago. Ichiko’s childhood friend Hino suggests they visit Okunezato over their summer break to find out more about what happened to him. Hino joined an online club on a website investigating the many legends and mysteries surrounding the town of Okunezato, and they’re having their first offline meeting soon, so he and Ichiko hope that attending this meeting will be the first step to uncovering her brother’s fate. When they get to the town, they end up working in the Fuurinkan hotel in order to afford a longer stay. The routes split when Ichiko chooses one of the boys to attend the Okunezato summer festival with.

The common route for this game doesn’t really reveal anything, but sets up the mystery and introduces us to the boys. I must admit that my first impression of all of them was pretty bad. I’m honestly not a huge fan of Chinatsu Kurahana’s art and found that most of the sprites looked slightly off, although a lot of the boys looked much better in their CGs. Other than that, all of them seem pretty regular and archetypal from first impressions. We’ve got childhood friend with an unrequited crush (Hino), outgoing flirty type (Isora), serious glasses guy (Sosuke), awkward nerd (Toa) and rude boss (Yuzuki). I did enjoy the side-characters quite a bit, especially hotel colleagues Yua and Yuki.

Other than that, I found Ichiko to be one of my least favourite otome game protagonists I’ve played as so far. She is highly passive, going along with whatever anyone suggests to her and she often comes across as dull and unintelligent in both her responses and actions. Really, I don’t have high standards for my otome main characters, but Ichiko is… disappointing. My biggest peeve was her tendency to keep secrets or lie for seemingly inane reasons, which is absolutely counter to my own personality.

Being in essence a mystery, the game essentially forces you into a certain route order, this being Hino > Isora > Toa > Sosuke > Yuzuki > True Route > Secret Character. I didn’t mind this as I always like following the path which goes from fewest to most reveals, but it does mean the earlier routes are in my opinion fairly boring and don’t really suck you into the game.


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Otome game review: Nightshade (Hyakka Hyakurou)

And now for something completely different! One of my hobbies other than lolita is playing otome games and I’ve always had the idea of writing reviews on them but if I made a blog just for that it would get maybe 2 posts per year. So while no, this isn’t really remotely related to lolita at all, I’m posting it here anyway because I want to share my thoughts!


Plot summary and general comments

Our heroine Enju was born out of the union between the Koga and Iga shinobi clans and is now seen as peace symbol and shinobi princess to the Koga village. Her mentor/onii-san Choujiro has trained her in ninjutsu and at his recommendation she gets sent out to the capital on her first mission. The others on the mission are aforementioned stoic mentor Choujiro, her overprotective bodyguard Gekkamaru, long lost childhood friend/Gekkamaru’s brother Kuroyuki and some side characters. The other love interests, encountered while on the mission, are playful gentleman thief Goemon and renowned shinobi of the Tokugawa clan, Hanzo.

Though Enju is excited to finally be of use to her clan and actually performs very well on the mission, things quickly go awry and she becomes the unwitting victim of political machinations that have very little to do with her. Luckily, her love interest is by her side through it all.

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February lolita overview

I’ve been a little quiet over here, but didn’t feel like forcing out posts. Still, I’d like to do my monthly overview and see if that brings some more blog inspiration back to me. As long as I’m writing at least one post per month, that’s still sticking to my resolution, slow and steady wins the race etcetera.

Coords of the month

While I haven’t worn lolita any less the past month, I’ve had much less of a desire to take pictures of my outfits. I’ve been less inclined to come up with new and unique ways to wear what I have, and instead have been rewearing old favourites and there’s no use in taking pictures of highly similar coords.

In total I wore lolita 10 times this month (the same as last month), but I only have pictures of 5 of these outfits. Style-wise, I wore almost excusively old school. It seems easier to throw on casually but I also feel I’ve been drifting away from gothic for longer.

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How to organise a lolita meet

So I organised a meet for my comm this past weekend, but due to my mind being in other places I completely forgot to take any pictures. A meet report without pictures would be terribly boring, so instead I’m here with a related topic: tips for organising your own meet! I often see comments from lolitas complaining that there aren’t enough meets in their community, or they’re sick of all the afternoon teas, or they wish meets were held closer to where they live. The easiest solution to this is to plan your own event!

Organising a meet for your comm is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, but there are some things to keep in mind. First off, I recommend not organising any meets until you are familiar with both the fashion itself and your comm. Get a few coords together, attend a meet or two, just make sure that you are not a completely unknown face to your comm. I would personally not attend a meet organised by someone who I had not seen in person at least once, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s good to have some familiarity and trust established!


So you’re familiar with your community and have decided to organise a meet. The first question to ask is of course, what will you be doing? By far the most common activity is having lunch or afternoon tea at a restaurant, this is what I would call difficulty level 1. It’s simple to organise, as all you really need to do is make a group reservation and herd your group to the location. If there is a set price you can make sure everyone pays the amount to you beforehand, to avoid flakiness and make the payment process go smoothly at the end. Other activities at a similar level would be: going to see a play or other performance, going to a zoo or aquarium, going to an amusement park or going out for karaoke. These are some ideas I would recommend for a first time organiser!

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January lolita overview

I got the idea to do a little review of all the monthly things that don’t feel like they’re worth making a post out of. I’ll be reviewing the purchases that came in and items that I’ve sold, my coords of the month, and any updates I feel are lolita-relevant.

Coords of the month

In January I wore a total of 10 coords, one of which I wore two days in a row, meaning I wore lolita around 2.75 times per week. I took a photo of 8 out of these 10 coords. If I include the 2 undocumented outfits, I wore equal amounts of gothic and old school coords.

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My 2019 trip to Japan – Day 5-6 (Shinjuku, Shibuya & Hakone)

Previously on this trip…

Having gotten home around 4 am the previous night, our Saturday did not start until the afternoon. This didn’t bother us too much, as we found that Japan operated on a later schedule than we were used to in the Netherlands. Most stores only opened at 10 or 11 am, and stayed open until 8 or 9 pm. Sleeping in also allowed us to get our jetlagged sleep schedule entirely back on track.

We ventured out around 3pm, and kept our goals for the day small. My main objective was stopping by another Closet Child; this time the one in Shinjuku, which was only a short train ride from our AirBnB. It actually took us quite a while of wandering around before we found it, as Google got confused over the 2 different Closet Child locations in the area, only one of which carried lolita fashion. In the end, we asked the shop girl of the visual kei-focussed CC for the locations of the other one.

When we got there I browsed around for a bit and my eye was immediately caught by a Moitie cross necklace. I always hesitate to buy jewelry online because it often ends up too expensive for it to be worth it to me when you add up shipping and taxes, so I was hoping to find some in Japan. This one was an easy choice as it would go with so many of my outfits! I love crosses. My boyfriends actually found my other purchase in the store. An old school Innocent World blouse which was heavily discounted because of a missing bow.

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My lolita timeline in coords

I thought it would be fun to share my journey through lolita fashion in coords, as God knows I started in a place quite different from where I ended up. When I was just getting started in the fashion it always inspired me to see the first coords of lolitas I admired. Everybody starts somewhere after all!


My very first coord! I clearly did not know how to pose.

I started out in 2015. I had turned 18 not long ago and was in my final year of high school. I didn’t really think about what substyle or aesthetics I liked, I just wanted to wear a frilly dress and then I’d be happy. My first purchase was from Innocent World, which was motivated primarily by their accessible and easy to order from website, rather than me particularly liking their aesthetic. That wishy-washy approach led to this not-quite-classic, not-quite-sweet coord. I ordered an Innocent World blouse too, but I got the wrong size and had to sell it. That cream blouse with brown details would certainly have improved this coord, but alas. At this point in time my hair wasn’t very lolita-suitable, but I was also convinced that wigs were a requirement so I ordered a number from Lockshop, which was very popular at the time.

Verdict: The white blouse + dark brown socks combination is… questionable, and overall there is no real sense of cohesiveness but I do think I succesfully avoided an ita phase. Ita or not, it’s still pretty bad.

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100 questions for lolitas

Fellow old school lolita @naomi_apricot translated and shared this lolita questionnaire on her website. Apparently it was circulated on Japanese lolitas’ blogs in the 2000s. Let’s participate in this bit of old school lolita culture! You can find Naomi’s filled in version on her website, I’ve posted it here with her permission. Sadly she was unable to translate questions 5 and 63, but I found some old Livejournal posts which had them included.

I’d love to see other lolitas’ answers, so if you fill it out please link me!

1 Please tell us your name, birthday and where you’re from.

Lima, 26/09/1996 and I’m from the Netherlands.

2 What is your height, weight, clothes size and shoe size?

My height is 162 cm, my weight is around 52kg, my clothes size is XS and shoe size S.

3 Why did you start wearing Lolita Fashion?

I don’t remember how it went exactly. My first exposure to lolita was through my love for visual kei, but I didn’t really think “I want to start wearing this!” because I thought it was impossible. A friend actually linked me to a thread on /cgl/ related to cosplay and through browsing the board I realised this is actually something people can and do wear.

4 What’s your favourite genre(style) of Lolita?

Primarily old school and gothic; I have a strong preference for solids with pretty details. I am also drawn to sweet lolita quite a bit, around the era of 2006-2010, but I’m not sure it’s something I could wear regularly. While I find classic pretty on other people, I have very little interest in wearing it.

5 Express in your own words, the ideal of your above answer.

I guess I answered it a little already! The perfect look is simple but still beautiful and detailed. A bit doll-like, cute but slightly unreal. Lace, pintucks, ribbons, luxurious fabrics, but never becoming too extreme.

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